📍 Barcelona, Spain @ Disfrutar

My notes from this tasting menu experience were strangely poetic:

Tender hazelnut ratafia cracker thing was amazing
Salty candy walnut and whiskey mango wow
Frozen cheese cracker and warm apple juice
The olives weren’t olives!
And the spoon of liquid tasted like perfume
Foie gras corn thing was delicious but a little uncomfortable
Carbonara with the jelly pasta and foam wow
Huge shrimp reset me
Cold rabbit jus cocktail best presentation
I did NOT like the frozen biscuit with foie gras
They just made me wash my hands with Lagavulin 16 - read my mind
Eating so many things held together by an unknown force
Waitress with a real cotton branch - I pull off the edible dessert
Cotton candy
I’ve been here for three hours
Out back on the terrace drinking espresso and mezcal
I’ve been here for three and a half hours
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who doesn't love a good terrace

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